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Austin Healey Sprite Spridget Metal Seat Base Tray, 1958-1965 Interior - Bugeye

Spridget Metal Seat Base pan/tray, 1958-1965 - Sold individually

$ 239.95

These are prone to rotting on Bugeyes over time.  We often find homemade and wood replacements in lower end restorations. These are the correct way to fix your rotted out seat base.  It is usually a good idea to get new seat foam when you are replacing the bases.

This is an essential component for most Sprite restorations. Seat trays rust and many cars come to our shop needing new ones. If they have gotten wet through the years, they can rust right where you need to clip on the seat covers, so it is quite common to replace these when we are rebuilding seats.

These are strong and stout, and the units we use whenever we restore seats in out shop. Our foam base pillows fit in these trays perfectly.

Sold individually

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