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Spridget 1958-1965 Metal Seat Back

Spridget 1958-1965 Metal Seat Back

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This sheet metal back is the foundation of every early Sprite seat up through 1965. These often rust along the bottom edge so that it is impossible to mount your seat covers and thus it is quite common to replace these when rebuilding your interior and re-covering your seats.

These are the backs we use when recovering seats in our award-winning restorations.

These are prone to rotting on Bugeyes over time, as witnessed in this video.

If you need seat foam, find it here, metal seat bases can be found here, and don't forget the seat back fastener kit

There really is only one way to fix a rotted seat back and that is with one of these new ones. We also have new bases, new foam and new covers available. Check out all our seat offerings by clicking here. 

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