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Front Flip Nose kit

Front Flip Nose kit

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New and updated design! There are a lot of options available for something similar to this on the market, but they're not quite the same as the ones that we offer. We have had these kits specially made for us to tighten up the flipping action. We have improved the hardware and tolerances, so although these may look similar to other kits on the market, they are not the same. 

Many people prefer the superior engine access afforded with a forward-flip Bugeye nose. This configuration makes service a lot easier! In the photos attached, you can see a yellow Bugeye we converted with this kit.  It comes with everything you need to change your nose hinges to front frame mount, so your Bugeye nose can open forwards. The pieces mount on the front frame rails and are all made of heavy duty steel (instead of aluminum like other suppliers) so this kit will hold up over time. The kit comes black, but you can be paint it any color you like.

Hold downs are important, especially if you hit anything with your car. We like the look of vintage leather straps as shown, available in black or brown. They do a nice job of keeping the nose shut, with a period appropriate look! One trade-off is your front bumper (if you still have one). There's no room for the nose to pivot over the bumper, so this modification requires that you unbolt your bumper from the frame and leave it off. But we are always buying nice bumper assemblies for other cars, so feel free to contact us if you have a nice one for sale!

Every kit comes with emailed instructions and all hardware necessary for installation. 

If you would like to download the detailed instructions to print and use during installation, please click here

We recommend installing X bracing in the bonnet when doing a front flip kit. This bracing helps increase torsional rigidity on the nose while flipping it. We sell the X bracing here, which will come as pre-cut and shaped rods to fit in your bonnet, then you must weld them into place. 

NOTE: Welding these rods into place is a tricky practice and should only be performed by an experienced welder, especially on painted cars. The possibility of burning through while welding the rods into place and ruining your paint job is high if you're not very seasoned while using a welder.

After the bars are installed, we like to paint them to match the car, giving it a finished look. 

Feel free to call with questions!

Check out the video below explaining flip nose operation and why a flip-nose may be in your future!

Austin Healey Sprite MkI


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