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Bonnet "X" Bracing (for Front-Flip Bonnet Installation)

Bonnet "X" Bracing (for Front-Flip Bonnet Installation)

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We recommend installing X bracing in the bonnet when doing a front flip kit. This bracing helps increase torsional rigidity on the nose while flipping it. This kit will come as pre-cut and shaped rods to fit in your bonnet (4 total), then you must weld them into place. 

NOTE: Welding these rods into place is a tricky practice and should only be performed by an experienced welder, especially on painted cars. The possibility of burning through while welding the rods into place and ruining your paint job is high if you're not very seasoned while using a welder.

After the bars are installed, we like to paint them to match the car, giving it a finished look. 

Austin Healey  Sprite MkI
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