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Bugeye Sprite Cockpit Trim Restoration and re-coating

Bugeye Sprite Cockpit Trim Restoration and re-coating

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Nothing dresses up a Bugeye like restored cockpit trim. These pieces get scratched and beat-up through the years, let us re-start the clock for you. We'll strip and repair these pieces as needed, so you end up with a handsome sealed and coated set that will outlast all of us. Our coating is much stronger than the original anodized coating, and much more durable. It will look great on your car for many years to come!

Send us your two door trim pieces and your rear cockpit trim piece, we'll completely restore them and make them look better than new. Remember, the front piece over the dashboard was originally vinyl-covered.

We sell the correct vinyl if you would like to recover that, or, for an additional fee. Click here to view that service. Click here if you would like to have your dash restored.

Send your trim pieces to Bugeyeguyparts 59 North Harbor Street Branford CT 06405. Click on the link to buy this restoration service. Include your phone number with your contact information. We'll call you when you trim is complete! Allow 2-4 weeks for return delivery.

NOTE: Make sure to check the fit at the edges where each piece butts up against its mates. On some cars we've needed to grind the ends slightly so everything fits when the doors are closed. Please do this before you send in your pieces, because once they're recoated you won't want to grind the ends.

THIS ITEM REQUIRES THAT YOU SEND US YOUR THREE TRIM PIECES. We will restore them for you. Customer will need to pay for shipping both ways.

NOTE: Pricing is to restore pieces in average condition. If your trim pieces are in particularly poor condition, an additional charge may apply.

***free shipping promotions do not apply***

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