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Austin Healey Sprite Aluminum Radiator for 948, 1098 and 1275 Sprites Mechanical - Bugeye

Aluminum Radiator for 948, 1098 and 1275 Sprites

$ 299.95


EXCLUSIVE! This radiator comes with a correct 5-7 pound radiator cap for your Spridget. All other imported aluminum radiators we've seen are sold with a 15PSI cap which will stress any weak links in your cooling system and may result in antifreeze leaks. This radiator, however, is sold with the right cap to match the original pressure rating for your car. If you are shopping for a radiator, make sure you have the right cap pressure or you risk blowing out your cooling system.

We no longer are selling the 5 pound cap individually, so make sure to get this radiator combination to keep your system running stress free! 

I encourage you to get an aluminum radiator for your Sprite. It's one of the best upgrades you can make, for both your car and for your peace of mind. If you've ever been out on a hot day and been distracted (and stressed) by a rising temp gauge, you'll appreciate the fact that a new radiator will obliterate any temperature worries once and for all.

Original Bugeye radiators are getting pretty old these days and their cooling efficiency is generally somewhat diminished. Even after a good flushing, the capillary tubes are usually somewhat coated with deposits and so they don't cool like they did when they were new.

Air in the original Sprite cooling systems (unlike sealed modern designs) contributes to corrosion and reduced efficiency. Aluminum radiators just work better. They offer superior heat transfer. They are particularly useful if you've upgraded to a bigger engine, as more HP=more heat. We have sent more than 200 Sprites out into the world and many have been fit with our aluminum radiator. It has been really nice to take cooling off the table as an issue for those customers-there is no such thing as too much cooling on a classic British car.

You'll notice we are not huge fans of electric cooling fans. We have found these to be wonderful for slow speed parades or in traffic but in most cases, they seem to block air flow at speed and REDUCE radiator efficiency. We feel that the best line of defense is the best radiator with an upgraded engine driven fan.

We have tested this particular aluminum radiator, I use it on Gumby, my personal Bugeye. It's is a nice product with which we have had great success. If price is your primary concern and you want improved cooling, go with this choice. A nice affordable upgrade to this radiator, would be to upgrade the stock plastic plug to a metal version. Although not necessary, this metal plug is a nice addition to our aluminum radiator and can be purchased here: upgraded metal drain plug

When changing your radiator, make sure your bypass hose and water pump are in great shape-these are the weakest links in the system and we change them proactively whenever we change a radiator, to restart the clock on these components. Consider changing these parts when you remove the radiator to swap it for an aluminum one-order a spare!

We offer two additional radiator options (click links below):

Premium US-made aluminum radiator

Stock original style radiator

NOTE 1: your Sprite operating temp should run at about 180 degrees (or less). It may climb to 200 in traffic, sometimes a little more. Temp gauges are sometimes inaccurate, best to check with a handheld IR thermometer to confirm accuracy.

NOTE 2: We use regular 1/2 inch heater hose for our bypass hoses as this material is much stronger and more durable than the accordion bypass hose that is commonly fit. If you have trouble getting such hose to fit, the accordion type we sell is easier to install and also a good choice.

NOTE 3: After you install your radiator, make sure to confirm that the top of your radiator is not hitting your bonnet. In some situations, particularly if your car has old crash damage, your radiator may sit a little too high and can dent your nose if you don't check inside the wheel well to make sure you have an air gap between the tp of your radiator and your bonnet. 

These all pair well with an upgraded 6 blade engine driven fan, check those out by clicking here.

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