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Six-Blade Fan (948-1275 Engines)

Six-Blade Fan (948-1275 Engines)

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This is the least expensive way to immediately improve the cooling system on your Bugeye. This six blade fan is one of our most popular upgrades, with lots of upsides -there is no such thing as a British car with too much cooling!

Earliest Bugeyes had a two-blade fan, which was ultimately changed to a four-blade metal version. This plastic fan gives you six total blades and will further increase airflow through your radiator. You can immediately feel more air moving through the radiator just standing next to your car at idle. And of course your engine will run cooler. It's an easy upgrade for less hot weather stress and more reliability.

This fan is strongly recommended for any Bugeye that spends any time in temperatures above 80 degrees! And even at cooler temperatures, long climbs and high performance driving can elevate cooling temperatures. This fan is a powerful weapon to combat excess engine bay heat.

These fans work on all A series engines, 850, 948, 1098, 1275, etc. They are made from a molded high strength plastic and are very strong. We have fit hundreds in our shop and had no failures. That said, if these fans hit your shroud or radiator or are otherwise damaged while in your car, they can break, so make sure yours fits without hitting anything before you hook up your belt!

Occasionally, you may run into the problem during install that the fan blade won't easily fit over the center of your pulley - you may need to relieve a little material off of the center of the pulley so the fan fits nicely.  

Don't forget to get water hoses while you're replacing your fan! 

We have an article on why you will be better with a regular fan, rather than an electric one, which actually causes higher temps!

Fan is 10 1/16" in diameter.

Sometimes getting the fan a little closer to the radiator helps with cooling, or you need more space to clear the front of the engine, we have a fan spacer to make this possible.

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