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Accelerator Pedal with Hinge for Floor Pan (cars thru '74)

Accelerator Pedal with Hinge for Floor Pan (cars thru '74)

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If your accelerator pedal is missing, you need one of these. This is the rubber gas pedal that screws to the floor pan and actuates the pushrod that connects to your throttle cable in the driver side footwell. 

If you don't have a metal piece hanging off of your actuating bar, you'll need the small linkage piece too, that plugs into the back of this pedal and connects the pedal to actuating bar. That piece is sold separately.

This item is the pedal and hinge only. 


Before you drive your car with this product installed, make sure it operates freely and cannot lodge in the accelerator mechanism and cause the throttle to stick.

If you're looking for an alternative style pedal (which we prefer), you can find it here

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