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Austin Healey Sprite Aluminum Accelerator Pedal Assembly Mechanical - Bugeye

Aluminum Accelerator Pedal Assembly

$ 55.95

This add-on accessory is a must for every Spridget with a bottom hinging gas pedal. Here's why...
Original Bugeye accelerator pedals are a terrible design. They plug into a pivoting metal rod and can easily become un-plugged while driving, which is an obvious safety hazard. Once the pedal disconnects, It’s not difficult to lodge the rubber pedal on the accelerator rod, thus sticking the throttle OPEN!
The other challenge with this original design is the hinge mount requires two holes in your nice floor pan. Since it is naturally rusting and making holes on its own, it’s never fun to punch more holes if you don’t have to. Those accelerator holes can become yet another source of corrosion.

Since about 1979 I have been driving my Bugeye ‘Gumby” with just metal bar under my foot and no pedal. And on the cars the we ship to customers, we remove the pedal for safety. Even though it doesn’t look pretty, the bar has been our best solution, until now.

We are exited to offer a nice cast aluminum pad you can easily bolt into place, along with a rubber pedal pad to cover it. This is an elegant solution to an old problem. It’s easy to install and makes heel/toe shifting easy. This is an upgrade that is a winner for every early Sprite!
You get the aluminum bolt on pad, hardware to mount it and a rubber pedal pad, which you will need to install on the aluminum pad before installation.
NOTE: The star washers go in between the aluminum pedal ears and the metal accelerator rod-see photos below. These take up the space and allow for a snug fit before you tighten the bolt. Make sure to tighten the bolt so that the pedal is snug. It can float a little, but make sure to tighten the bolt sufficiently to ensure that the pedal can't flop around. Make sure to use the star washers as shown. Tighten the bolt until the star washers bite into the metal accelerator rod, even if it slightly bends the aluminum "ears" of the casting. 

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