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Sprite radial tire set that look stock but offers superior ride, braking and handling

Sprite radial tire set that look stock but offers superior ride, braking and handling

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Be honest, how old are the tires on your Sprite?

Most of us have what we think are new tires, with ample tread, but they are more than ten or even 20 years old. I know this from experience... 90% of the cars that come to our shop have ancient tires. They have tons of tread left and many of them look fine, but the rubber is old and rides terribly.

I know this from more than 400 Bugeye test drives. Old rubber just doesn't absorb road imperfections very well. It don't brake well. The ride quality stinks. The handling is sketchy. We put on new rubber on cars with these symptoms and the cars are transformed.

A Bugeye has very simple suspension technology. Their live rear axle design was invented back when chariots were all the rage. So you need a good tire, even though your current tire has plenty of tread.

We're here to help.

These 155 series tires are one size wider than stock 145 tires and offer superior performance over the original bias ply that came on Bugeyes when they were new. You'll notice an immediate improvement in ride quality, handling and braking with these tires.  When a client wants an original look, these are the tires we use on cars that come through our shop. They look like the correct originals but offer superior performance! These fit all Spridgets without body panel interference.

Order your 155 tires by clicking on the drop down menu above. Select four or five tires depending on your needs.

If you want more performance, go with 165 width. Keep in mind that the wider 165 tires may hit the front inner fender wells when turning the steering wheel to full lock. So if you are at all worried about fit, go with the 155s. These are all black wall tires. (We also sell white walls, click here to order those). These tires fit the original steel type or wire wheels. They will fit any 5 inch wide alloy/minilight wheel too. They also fit stock size wire wheels on Spridgets.

Some have asked us about 14 inch tires but we discourage changing wheel size. Larger rims change the ride quality and steering feel. Also, going to any tire wider than 175 is not recommended without further mechanical modifications.

These are Kumho Solus TA 11, 155 width tires with a Treadwear rating of 700 and feature twin steel-belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon belt edge layers. 

If you want wider tires, get 165 tires for your Spridget by clicking here!

WHEELS NOT INCLUDED!!! But we will be happy to mount and balance your new tires on a set of new wheels. Or send us your rims and we will mount and balance them for you! 

***This item does not qualify for free shipping promotions

 You'll notice we charge $79 to ship a set of four tires. In some cases, shipping to certain regions costs us more, but a recent order within the tri-state area (CT/NY/NJ) was $50. In the event we are able to do better than $79, we'll gladly refund the difference!

 Not sure if you need tires? If they're too old, they need to be replaced, here is some information so you can "date" your tires!


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