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Austin Healey Sprite 1" Bore Sprite Clutch Slave Cylinder with Hose  - Bugeye

1" Bore Sprite Clutch Slave Cylinder with Hose

$ 34.99

Some people change to a 1 inch bore slave cylinder when they upgrade their Sprite to a 1275 engine and/or rib case transmission. We prefer the 7/8" bore slave cylinder sold in our catalog because it matches the original and provides the best clutch response. But if you have a 1" slave fit, this is the replacement for those applications. (You can tell which one you have since the 7/8 is piped with a hard line and the 1" uses the flexible hose as shown.) This kit includes a new slave and hose.

To make your installation much easier, we also machine the top ear of the slave so you can more easily remove and replace these without having to remove the top mounting bolt, which is often difficult to get out. With the cut mounting "ear," you can pivot the slave into position without having to remove this somewhat trapped bolt.

This product is an economical reproduction at a very good price. For more longevity, we also sell a high end 1" version (with the same hose and the same machined mounting holes), which you can find in the drop down menu below.

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