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Austin Healey Sprite Wiring harness Mechanical - Bugeye

Wiring harness for all Mark 1 Bugeye Sprites, 1958-1960 or 61

$ 379.95

A new wiring harness for your bugeye! A lot of these cars have been rewired over the years and had their harnesses hacked into and adapted. Usually, it is less time consuming to start with a fresh harness.  This insures safety and will greatly reduce the amount of swear words it takes to get all the electrics working in your Bugeye.

This harness includes everything except the dip switch harness for your hi/low beams and the wires for the headlight buckets.  We have those available separately.  

Rewiring your car is a tedious process and requires a moderate level of mechanical skill. Take your time when installing a new harness, a few extra minutes spent during the install could save you hours of aggravation later.

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