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Windshield Post Pad Set (thru 1962)

Windshield Post Pad Set (thru 1962)

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This is a set of left and right rubber post pads for your Bugeye Sprite windshield. The rubber on the edges crack over time, so it's always nice to replace these to make your windshield to body union look its best.

At present, there seems only one worldwide supplier for this part, and the two holes do not exactly align with the two holes on the cowl of your car. To address this shortcoming, you'll need to slightly enlarge the rear hole in order to make these gaskets fit. If we can find a new supplier to make a proper fitting product, we will do so, but in the meantime this is what is available, and with this minor modification, you will get good results. Look closely at the picture of the gaskets below at the rear holes... I have shown an outline of how we trim these gasket holes so that they fit better. The outside shape fits great, it's the screw holes that need a little help on most cars.

When replacing these, you may want the windshield to body gasket, windshield stanchion to body hardware, or the stanchion to frame hardware as well!

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