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Bugeye Sprite Windshield Frame and Stanchion Restoration and Refinishing

Bugeye Sprite Windshield Frame and Stanchion Restoration and Refinishing

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Windshield and Stanchion Refinishing and Restoration

The original anodized windshield frames are pretty universally worn out cosmetically by now. They get scuffed and scratched. Most of the original glass is scratched and pitted. Send us your assembly and we'll make it all beautiful for you once again!

For years we've been rebuilding them for our own customer cars, now we can provide the same service for you! Send us your frame, we'll repair any issues (such as old sun visor holes below) and then powder coat the assembly to make it beautiful and better than new!

If you prefer, we can also install new glass, new glazing rubber and a new windshield to body seal so the assembly is ready to bolt on your car. We'll include new stanchion base gaskets, too! Send your phone number in case we need to discuss any issues with you once we review your products.

Windshield frame and stanchion restoration: $700.00

Ready to bolt on with new glass and rubber -Add $795.00

NOTE: If we are installing a new windshield in your frame, there is a chance that the stanchion to frame screw holes may need to be repaired. If this is the case, then we will repair the holes as needed, per our hourly rate charge. This will be an additional fee associated with this job. 

NOTE: Please remove the glass from your windshield frame before you send the frame to us. When shipping us your frame, please reach out to us. You are welcome to purchase a shipping label through us and take advantage of our business shipping discounts. 

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