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Windshield to Body Gasket - (Bugeye thru 1962)

Windshield to Body Gasket - (Bugeye thru 1962)

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This is the right windshield to body gasket for your MK1 Austin Healey Sprite. These actually fit and have the correct t-channel profile so they will slip into the t-channel underneath your windshield frame. Remember to make sure your windshield channel is clean and also use silicone to get the rubber to slide in.

These fit later type two stud windshield frames, not the early style 9 stud type. 

Concours note: when you get this seal into the frame, leave the bottom of the rubber gasket rolled as it compresses into the cowl of your car. Do not flare it out flat  (as you would see on an MGB). A rolled body gasket will better seal out water and also keep this seal clear of your windshield wiper posts. The photo below shows the gasket installed improperly.

For more information on the importance of gasket fitment, click here.

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