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Bug Wings - NEW! (Bugeye thru 1962)

Bug Wings - NEW! (Bugeye thru 1962)

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Wind wings are cool! 

And they add a distinct period look to your classic car, while deflecting air out of the cockpit. Our wind wing set is a reproduction of the period Amco wind wings that were once quite common on English sports cars. We’ve made a quality chrome plated brass bracket on durable acrylic to make sure this product will last for generations. They mount easily on the windshield stanchion of any sidecurtain equipped Sprite, and fold flat to allow the door to close with the sidecurtain in place. For years, larger wind wings were available that fit other sports cars but none of them fit the Bugeye profile until now. These otherwise available larger wind wings would hit the doors. This is no longer a problem with our specially designed wings. 
Our wind wings are approximately 15% larger than competitors' similar products to deflect more air, and are double the thickness to ensure maximum protection against cracking and fracture!

These wind wings work with both hard tops and soft tops. 

Each pair of wind wings comes with a hardware kit and all you need to do is attach the brackets and mount the wings to your car. Otherwise, you can choose the pre-assembled option in the drop down above. Enjoy the ride!

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