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Washer Pump with Knob - (948 Cars)

Washer Pump with Knob - (948 Cars)

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Too often we see dashboards with incorrect switches and extra holes. Washer pumps are frequently absent in present-day Bugeyes but were shipped new in perhaps every USA bound Frogeye. This brand new reproduction washer pump will help you complete an accurate Sprite restoration!

This washer pump looks great and has nice action. Press the button to pump, like a water pistol. It's easy to install and will dress-up your dash immediately.

Even if you don't have the plumbing for your Sprite (EG no tubing or  bottle), this is a nice addition for any Bugeye. It lives two holes to the right of the Bugeye ignition switch (next to the heater control).

Correct reproduction knob included, as shown.

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