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Washer Pump Hose Kit (948-1098)

Washer Pump Hose Kit (948-1098)

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If you need to update your washer sprayer, this kit is for you!

There are multiple versions of this kit, depending on what washer pump you have installed:
• If you have the washer pump we sell (found here) installed you need the "Early Washer Pump Hose Kit", which includes washer hose and two nozzles for the cowl of your car. 
• If you need the hose kit and a new washer pump, you need an "Early Washer Pump Hose Kit PLUS New Pump." This kit includes the hose, two nozzles for the cowl of the car and a new washer pump with a knob. 
• If you have the later style washer pump which is a pump style and doesn't have a knob (found on 1098 Spridgets), then you need the "Later Washer Pump Hose Kit." This kit includes the washer hose, a "T" fitting to split the hose to each washer nozzle and two nozzles for your cowl. 


NOTE: The nozzles are used up to '76.

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