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Used Smooth Case Shift Lever

Used Smooth Case Shift Lever

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This is the correct original and used chrome shift lever. These are for smooth case transmissions only. There will be some minor blemishes on the chrome finish. Some of those imperfections will be hidden beneath the rubber shift boot and tower. Do you no use these levers in rib cased transmissions as they will be sloppy and may damage the transmission

If you need the small pieces required to properly secure lever and stop it from rattling, our "shift lever therapy" kit can be found here.

Many cars have been upgraded to rib case transmissions but still have the original smooth case shift lever installed. The levers are not the same. We have shown the dimensions in the photo album. Smooth is shorter. You need the correct lever in your transmission for tight and precise operation. Rib case levers are very hard to find so we have started making them, and you can purchase them by clicking here.

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