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Spare/used 25D Distributor for your repair kit

Spare/used 25D Distributor for your repair kit

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To get your Spirte to run right, you need a great distributor. We sell a wonderful new one with new bushings and electronic ignition, as well as a new cap, deluxe rotor and wires, and we install lots of these on the cars we send to customers nationwide. You can find those by clicking here, and they are available for positive or negative ground cars.

That said, we have some very good used distributors we have removed from running cars, that were removed only because the customer wanted to upgrade to electronic ignition. We recommend carrying one of these in your tool kit because should you have roadside failure, you will likely find it much easier to pop in an entire spare distributor. This is a nice roadside option that might get you home if you get in a bind.

These are points type 25D distributors that will work in all Sprites, both positive and negative ground. They are complete and ready to install. A representative photo is shown. These are functional and available at a ridiculously low price so we can keep them in the hands of people who can use them.

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