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Pair of Complete Upholstered Bugeye Seats with All New Parts

Pair of Complete Upholstered Bugeye Seats with All New Parts

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Lots of clients have requested seats for their cars - and now we have the solution! 

We have new pre-built seat sets now available for your Mark I Bugeye Sprite! These seats feature new sheet metal, new foam, new back horsehair padding (like the original), all to provide a beautiful restored and comfortable Bugeye seating experience!

These base foams are slightly thicker than the originals, and will give your butt a plush Bugeye experience. Your car will feel a lot more comfortable.

Seat pans are chronically rusted... seat backs are also often cracked and rusted along the back edge... these are all new parts to restart the clock and make your car look great! 

These seats are built in our shop by the experts who have done hundreds previously-we know how to make these look great!

Custom colors are available for an extra fee. If you prefer to send in your metal seat pieces, we can build up your new seats for you, using a combination of your used and our new parts. Most of the time, however, the metal components are too rusted to re use.

Call for more info!

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