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Upgraded Crank Pulley Vibration Damper (948-1275 Engines)

Upgraded Crank Pulley Vibration Damper (948-1275 Engines)

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The crank pulley on the front of a 948 and 1098 was a crude stamped affair. This part is a nice upgrade to help reduce vibration. Will fit all A series engine crankshafts. A smart upgrade - stronger, better!

NOTE: When installing our harmonic balancer pulley on a 948 or 1098 the keyway is no longer proud enough to accept the keyway on the lock tab. As a result, you will have to hammer the part of the lock tab that lines up with the machined flat groove in the mounting face of the pulley to index it and ensure the lock tab actually keeps the bolt from turning. This can be done using a punch and hammer striking in the area indicated in the picture.

You can find that lock tab here.

If you are installing a new pulley, you should consider replacing the retaining bolt.


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