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Ultimate Sprite Seat Back Fastener Kit - Bugeye thru 1965

Ultimate Sprite Seat Back Fastener Kit - Bugeye thru 1965

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About 50% of the Bugeyes that show up on our doorstep have loose seat backs. The nuts the secure the seat back to the seat base frame are loose, gone, wrong, or the whole assembly needs to be welded. This is a problem, because it makes the seat backs loose while cornering and can damage your seat back vinyl. To top it off, once you rebuild the seat, there is a high friction interface that tends to damage the vinyl on the wing of the seat back after it is folded repeatedly.

This kit is here to help. The black washers help the vinyl pivot when you fold the seat, and the thin lock nuts help stay put, tight, but not so tight as to prevent the seats from folding. Place one washer on each stud on the seat base frame, put the seat back in place, and then one washer under the lock nut (use two washers per each stud).

These will all fit as long as your seat base is unmodified. We have used this kit on many cars with great success. This product will help keep your seat in place and help it to pivot easily without damaging the vinyl.


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