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Top and tonneau fitting rear deck template

Top and tonneau fitting rear deck template

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We’ve now seen more than 200 Bugeyes up close and personal, and I would bet we have seen at least 50 with oddball top and tonneau fitting installations that make little or no sense. No one likes drilling holes in the sheet metal of their car, and it’s always remarkable to me that some people seem to do it haphazardly. We’re here to help, and made a new template so that no one ever has to drill errant holes in their bugeye ever again.

Our template will help you locate the tenax and common sense twist fastener on each side that were factory installed for your top and/or long tonneau. Select cars also came through with short tonneaus, which required a different row of lift the dot fasteners on the back deck of the cockpit. Our template calls those out too. Line up the pattern as shown in the video and you can sink the holes with abandon.

A word of caution; no two cars are exactly the same, and no two tops or tonneaus are the same either. We’ve had plenty of cars with asymmetries. Your fittings may be slightly different from side to side. So use our template as a guide to get the correct spacing and correct relative positioning. Eyeball everything to make sure it looks about right before you sink the holes.

THIS TEMPLATE IS FOR THE REAR DECK ONLY. Dash template is available separately.

Here is a video showing how out template works:

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