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Sway Bar Kit (All Spridgets)

Sway Bar Kit (All Spridgets)

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The gift of sway bar is the nicest thing you can do for your Sprite. It will immediately reduce body roll and make your Spridget sports car even sportier!

Anyone mildly handy can install this kit in an afternoon, or any shop can add it for you with a minimal amount of install time. I have also attached a video with more sway bar information.  This is a 9/16th diameter sway bar and we have found that it's the all you need for fun street use.

This kit comes with everything you need to install the sway bar, including all fasteners (5/16"), brackets and rubber components. Fits all Sprites and Midgets.

Happy cornering!

Installation note: You may have to chase some holes with a 5/16-24 tap since they are frequently buggered up.  

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