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Austin Healey Sprite Spridget Supercharger kit  - Bugeye

Spridget Supercharger kit

$ 4,790.00


I am a firm believer in keeping within the Spridget envelope for a street car. Try to extract more than your share of power and you lose other qualities, EG too much heat, noise, no idle, etc.

So here is a better way... the supercharger boosts just enough to open up a world of fun and still keep your Sprite... a Sprite! We have installed and tested quite a few of these, and sell them with the mods you need included to make this work and fit on a Bugeye... and on all other Spridgets as well.  

The stock kit adds about 5-6 lbs of boost, enough to make a difference, and not so much to cause damage. You'll see about a 25% increase in HP and torque, and your butt dyno will tell you this is way more fun to drive than just about any other classic Sprite!

We use a new Eaton Supercharger paired with a brand new 1.75 inch SU carb. It's a hot setup!

You might find this kit online, but make sure to buy it from us, we know what mods are needed to make it all work! Call for more info! This kit is specially designed and modified to fit on Bugeyes. 

Recommended for 1275 engines only.

We also offer a supercharger camshaft as well. Check it out by clicking here.

Click here to check out a fun supercharger video!

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