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Steering Wheel Mounting Kit - 9 Bolt - (Sprite MkI/II, Midget MkI)

Steering Wheel Mounting Kit - 9 Bolt - (Sprite MkI/II, Midget MkI)

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You'll need this hub assembly if you are purchasing one of our wood upgraded steering wheels or leather 9-bolt steering wheel! These look great and work nicely with all of our steering wheels.

If you'd prefer an aluminum billet rather than plastic, be sure to select the premium option above. 

You can use this steering wheel mounting kit with the steering wheels listed below:
Thin Laminated Wood Steering Wheel (14")
Thin Laminated Wood Steering Wheel (15")
Thick and Beefy Wood Steering Wheel (15")
Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel (14" or 15")


On your stock wheel, you will want to remove the horn push. After you remove the push, there will be a horn brush in there (plastic see through tube with metal on each end and a spring in the center). You will want to remove that because you will get a different style brush with this wheel set up. Then you will remove the steering wheel nut and star washer to remove the wheel. After you do this, all you should have is the dash cone (plastic cone with metal contact ring on the front edge) and your steering column poking through the dash. Note: you will need to keep the dash cone secured to the dashboard for this kit.

Now, take the new mounting kit - it should contain a black steering wheel mount, red wire horn brush (electrical connector on one side and a brass contact on the other) and a horn push. You will want to set it up so the electrical connector is towards the top of the mount and the brass contact is coming out of the bottom to contact the ring on the dash cone. Slide the mount onto the steering column and secure it with the steering wheel nut and lock washer. 

Once this is done, then you will secure the steering wheel onto the mount with the provided hardware. After the wheel is secure, you will take the electrical connector end of the horn brush and connect it to the back of the horn push. After it’s connected, push the horn push down and into the hole. There is a rubber o-ring on the horn button that helps to hold the button securely in place. 

Austin Healey  Sprike MkI, MkII
MG   Midget MkI
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