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Sprite Wiper Blade (sold individually) (Bugeye thru 1967)

Sprite Wiper Blade (sold individually) (Bugeye thru 1967)

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These are 8 inch blades and metal housings to fit most Sprite wiper arms. Make sure your arm has a small hook or u shaped end so that it can plug into these wipers. These are the ones we use on cars that come through our shop.

We sell several types, and you can see a few in the photos below. All of them engage the spoon type wiper arm we also sell.

Price is for one blade with metal housing. Two are required for each Sprite.

NOTE: Make sure your blade is very well secured to your wiper arm. Should the blade come off in use, it will destroy your windshield glass. Be sure to double check that everything will stay together before you activate your wiper motor. There are many variants of wiper arms out there, so make sure you have a sound assembly with a secure interface.

NOTE 2: Sometimes we run into a Sprite with a wiper arm from a later application that requires a different (or longer) blade. Click here for our other available blade options. 

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