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Austin Healey Sprite Sprite Spare tire, vintage original Bugeye wheel  - Bugeye

Sprite Spare tire, vintage original Bugeye wheel

$ 125.00

Here's the spare tire that used to live in the boot of your car. They go missing, and we have a  few if you want to have a correct spare to carry in the trunk of your Bugeye. These are good driver quality rims with older tires mounted that will get you home. All the tires are ten or more years old so these are not recommended for long trips but they are fine as spares.

Please call or email if you want a freshly painted wheel, a new tire, a minilght rim or any other upgrades. The default setting for this product is a nice but not perfect original wheel with an older tire. If you want to save some money, we usually have later Sprite Midget wheels too, and you can save by ordering one of these instead. Call or email for more information.

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