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Austin Healey Sprite Sprite Midget Double bearing rear hub kit  - Bugeye

Sprite Midget Double bearing rear hub kit

$ 749.95

If you're fed up with leaking rear axle seals, this kit is for you. These are the nicest upgraded rear hubs available, made to a very high standard and far superior to the stock Bugeye rear bearing carrier that came from the factory. These are normally used in racing applications, but more and more street cars are running this set up as it ensures the rear hubs are securely located without any chance of a spun bearing.

These are the same hubs we use on Gumby, our flagship Bugeye. You get two hub carriers, one for each side, and the required bearings.

This kit requires the inner flange on the backing plates be ground flat and you must drill two new holes on the shoes for the abutment end springs for proper clearance. We offer the option of the kit and a pair of modified backing plates (plus $50 core charge included in the purchase price, refundable upon receipt of your original backing plates). Select from the dropdown menu below.

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