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Fuel Tank Kit (thru '69) - sealed, pressure tested, ethanol-proof and ready to install

Fuel Tank Kit (thru '69) - sealed, pressure tested, ethanol-proof and ready to install

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About 75% of the Spridgets that come through our shop have fuel tank issues. You need a good fuel supply for reliability. Most of our classic British cars carry rust and water in our fuel tanks because of modern fuel and sporadic usage of our cars. A tank that sits with rust and water will inevitably rust and clog your filter or float bowls. If you can peer down your filler neck and you see a rusty tank floor, it's time for a new tank. Do this before you get stuck, in the wrong place at the wrong time!

We recommend one of our sealed and pressure tested ready to install fuel tank kits. Let us put in a new sender and test it for you, so you don't have to worry about getting a good seal. This is important because if your tank leaks at the sender, the top of the tank will puddle with fuel each time you fill up the tank and you'll need to remove it all over again to repair this problem.

We've changed dozens of tanks and we know how to do this right. We install a new sender (with an ethanol-proof METAL float attached NOT the stock plastic one which fills up with fuel and sinks-gauge reads empty until repaired) and then we seal the assembly into the tank. We use only VITON ethanol-proof gaskets (NOT the stock cork ones that come with the the tank which are much harder to seal). We next pressure test the system to confirm there are no leaks. This way you get a ready to install tank that's sealed, leak-free, and ethanol-ready.

That metal float is very important, by the way, because the normal plastic type (that ships from the factory!) with all senders will fill-up with fuel in no time, and you'll need to drop the tank and start all over again. No one wants to do this job twice!

The set-up we sell should last a good long time, we have never had a metal float sink. 

Each kit includes a complete tank pre-loaded with a new sender, Viton gaskets and metal float, all pressure tested and ready to install. This is the set-up we have used with great results on the hundreds of Austin Healey Sprites that have passed through our shop. 

Our kit includes:

  • Sealed and tested fuel tank
  • Body-to-tank foam gasket
  • Body-to-tank rubber filler neck grommet
  • A new fuel sender unit with a superior metal float and superior gasket (installed)
  • New fuel tank mounting strips

They are ready to install! 

If you need a new fuel pickup line, you can find one by clicking here!

Note 1: Lots of these tanks have leaking fittings at the pick up on the side of the tank. Make sure to check yours before you remove your old tank from your car. We offer the correct fitting and pipe for the pick up line in the drop down menu below so you can add it to your order.

Note 2: If you ever decide to drain the fuel from your car, you will need a 10mm allen key to remove the drain plug. 

Note 3: Fuel tanks incur oversized shipping fees, which are reflected in the shipping charges.

Tank dimensions are 28"x 15"x 6 and 1/2"

***This item does not qualify for free shipping promotions***

Click here to read more about fuel tanks, replacement and maintenance! 


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