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Pair of Spridget Seat Spacers - Bugeye thru 1965

Pair of Spridget Seat Spacers - Bugeye thru 1965

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Here's an important product not available any where else.

Wood seat spacers are really important on adjustable Sprite seats (and they are often missing). Without them, the seat frame binds on the carpet and is difficult to adjust. Carpet is thicker and more luxurious than the original rubber mats, so a thicker spacer helps, and here we offer just that.

This seat spacer set is custom designed by us for all Sprites and will ensure that your seat can be properly adjusted without binding. We've cut a beveled edge on the outboard strip to make it easier to mount the seat onto your floor pan. This hardwood piece is not available anywhere else and custom designed by us to solve a recurring problem. 

Sold in pairs - two required per seat (one beveled, one square for all adjustable seat tracks). The stock passenger seat did not adjust on Bugeyes. Check your car, if you have two adjustable seat frames, you need two pairs.

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