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Spridget Limited slip differential, clutch type

Spridget Limited slip differential, clutch type

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I have one of these in my own personal car, and I am sorry I didn't add one sooner. It's the single best modification you can make to your Sprite.

Every Spridget will spin the inside rear wheel on sharp turns. Watch any autocross, and the Sprites are squealing, failing to put the power to the road on both rear wheels. But with this LSD, traction is dramatically increased. You'll notice an immediate improvement in your acceleration out of turns, and also in the stability and smoothness of how you deliver power to the road.

This is an advanced modification in that you need to remove your existing conventional differential unit and rebuild it with this unit properly installed. If you would like us to do the complete conversion for you, or if you want to mail us your diff to make it "limited slip," please call or email.

There is no downside to this modification. It will make your car drive like a dream!

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