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Pair of Spridget LeMans uprated FRONT Shock Absorbers

Pair of Spridget LeMans uprated FRONT Shock Absorbers

$ 654.95

Black with a red stripe is HD.

We are huge fans of lever shocks. Our rebuilt shocks have a lifetime guarantee against leaks, so if there's ever a problem, send them back and well fix them!

Anyway, tube shocks don't work on Bugeyes, we have never had one set-up with them that we liked. They are too harsh, destroy ride quality, and make the cars less sure-footed. So all 200-plus Bugeyes that have left our shop have been lever shock-equipped. In fact, if cars we buy come in with tube shocks installed, that's one of the first things we remove.

In spite of our love for the stock factory front suspension set-up, we wanted something stiffer, racier, cooler... so we are excited to now offer these 20% stiffer lever shocks. They'll improve handling without compromising ride quality. They go the distance. And they look boss, too!

These upgraded units are $494.95 for the pair (plus $80 core charge per shock). You should replace all lever shocks in pairs so they are sold in pairs. The $80 core charge per shock is refundable when we receive your rebuildable cores. 

We recommend these uprated lever shocks for any Spridget! 

When changing these shocks, it's also wise to change the front shock bushings. These are available for $10.95 for a set of four, click here to view and purchase. 

NOTE: You can return any stock Sprite front lever shock cores to get your core credit, as long as the castings are not broken. We'll rebuild your cores and make sure your old shocks go back into service! Postage is not included, you will need to pack and send back your shocks at your expense.

These shocks fit all Spridgets with lever shocks, from 1958-1980.

CORE NOTE: There will be a deduction from your core refund if any of the following effect rebuildability: missing/broken/damaged valves, covers, arms, and clinch bolts. Also if the unit is seized, cracked or has oversized mounting holes.  

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