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Spridget Greaseable Universal Joint

Spridget Greaseable Universal Joint

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This is a nice Japanese made U joint that comes with a ZERK fitting so you can grease it. This is especially nice for the rear U joint that is easily accessible back by your differential. Excellent quality, don't be fooled into purchasing the junky lower priced u joint... the labor to press these in is the expensive part, you only want to do it once, so get a good part!

If your u-joints are notchy  like the one in the video below, and feel like they have a spot in them where they "catch", its time for some new ones! (notice how it moves smoothly in one axis, but notchy in the other)

Check out the video below for an example of excessive play in your universal joint, another critical sign that your driveshaft needs new u-joints!

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