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Trunk spare tire Hold Down Straps

Trunk spare tire Hold Down Straps

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Is your spare tire rattling and jumping every time you hit a bump in the road?

If so, you need these straps to hold down your spare tire so stays put in the boot of your car. The original factory straps fastened as shown, with the rear strap attached to both bales on the rear trunk floor and the front strap attached to the bale on the differential hump and looped through the rear strap. Someone makes what they market to be a factory reproduction of these straps, but we have broken several of these when tightening, so we sourced these new black straps instead and we have never had one break.

These are often missing, and reccomended! You'll get two straps per order. Fasten as shown.

Installation note: the photos below are a reference as how we mount the hold down straps - you may want to trim the straps to fit once installed.

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