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Slot-Drive Oil Pump for 948 & 1098 Engines

Slot-Drive Oil Pump for 948 & 1098 Engines

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This oil pump fits 948 and 1098 engines. It is slot driven, meaning it has a male pin that fits inside a female slot which turns the pump.

There are several different types of oil pumps, including Pin-Drive for 948 & 1098, Slot-Drive for 1275, and a Star-Drive for 1275 engines.

Refer to the picture above and make sure you purchase the correct drive style to fit your engine.

NOTE: Due to potential clearance issues between this oil pump and the oil pump cover plate, you may need to grind the radius of the upper flanges down to clearance the pump and allow the backing plate to seat fully onto its pins. See the photos for more details.

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