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Austin Healey Sprite Rubber footwell Floor Mats Interior - Bugeye

Rubber footwell Floor Mats

$ 49.95

These are a must if you have just put down new carpet in your Sprite, as they protect the carpet from getting dirty. They are particularly valuable with red and lighter carpet colors that show dirt. We use these in almost all the car that leave our building.

These mats are a nice accessory and a great way to keep your interior clean.  They are imprinted with the Austin Healey Sprite logo and are made of a heavy, thick rubber. They will hold dirt or sand and allow you to easily remove and shake out the debris when dirty. Note that other flimsy rubber mats tend to be pretty floppy when you remove them... these mats are stiffer, more of a tray, so they keep the dirt on the mat so you can easily remove it. Small rubber studs on back hold the mats in place, especially when laid over carpet. Recommended!

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