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Restore your original soft window Bugeye Side Curtains

Restore your original soft window Bugeye Side Curtains

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We are proud to now offer a restoration service for soft window side curtains.  

These one-piece curtains were standard equipment on all Bugeyes up to May of 1960. At that time from car 34556 onward, sliding plexiglass side curtains became standard. Most of the cars we see come with the sliding panels, but if you want the original type restored, we are delighted to offer this service. They don't rattle as the sliding type will sometimes do.

These are done with a crushed grain bison vinyl to match your top.  If you have a different style of top please email to get you an accurate quote.

Turn around time is around 3 weeks add a week for powder coating if you select to have that done.

** you will see a set in the gallery of pictures done in a Stayfast (canvas-type) material.  This is shown as an example of upgrades we can provide. **

Regardless of the type of side curtain you use, make sure to get one of our protective pouches to keep your investment from getting scratched and damaged while stored in your boot.

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