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Removable Steering Wheel Kit

Removable Steering Wheel Kit

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We are delighted to introduce a new solution that makes Bugeye Sprite ownership possible for a whole new population of enthusiasts. If you have been longing for a Bugeye but have been concerned that you might not fit, or are worried that loss of dexterity limits your ability to get in and out of a Bugeye, this removable steering wheel is a great innovation. With the wheel out of the way, large drivers can now get in with ease.

Many of our clients big and small have fond memories of jumping into a Bugeye in their teenage years. But with joint replacements much more common these days, we can all use a bit easier way in and out of our little British cars. This is an elegant solution. We’ve custom made two Bugeyes five inches longer for clients with joint issues. This is a much simpler and less expensive solution for most people, because with the wheel out of the way, it is quite easy to climb in. 

Wheel specifications: Momo Prototipo 350mm (13.77") steering wheel - 6 Bolt 

This kit does involve some entry level modification (drilling) done by the customer. 

The hub has a 70mm mounting pattern when measured across the width of the hub, as the pictures state below.

NOTE: Steering wheels are non-returnable because of the risk of damage to the finish.

NOTE: Mounting hardware is included, both the hub and quick release.

NOTE 3: The removable hub is only compatible with small-pattern 6-bolt steering wheels like the Momo we offer with the kit. If you do not have a Momo steering wheel you will need to purchase the all-inclusive kit with the steering wheel in it. There are some steering wheels we have run into that have 6 mounting holes but are the larger 9-bolt-style pattern; these steering wheels will NOT work with this system. Please contact us if you have any question as to the compatibility of your steering wheel.

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