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Sprite/Midget Remote Clutch Slave Bleeder

Sprite/Midget Remote Clutch Slave Bleeder

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These stainless steel bleeders have been custom bent on a CNC machine to fit along the contours of your bell housing. 

This is a great solution that prevents a big headache.

Slave cylinders leak. Once replaced, you have to bleed the air from the system and the bleeder lives in a very tight space. Our remote bleeder kit allows you to avoid the hassle and handle the operation with ease by relocating the bleed nipple to a more convenient location above the bell housing, directly above the slave .

Simply attach the remote line to the bleed fitting on the slave and mount the "L" bracket on one of the bell housing to engine bolts. All future bleeding can be done under the hood, adjacent to the heater valve, instead of on your back in a very tight space, where it can be particularly challenging to get a hose on the bleeder fitting. In the remote location, collection of fluid is a breeze. This is a great innovation and will dramatically reduce the time required when your clutch hydraulics need service. 

Fits all Sprites/Midgets with 948, 1098, and 1275 engines installed. Will not fit Midgets with 1500 engines.

This bleeder should work on cars equipped with our Ford 5-speed transmission conversion but may need a little tweaking. It will NOT work with a Datsun five-speed conversion as the bleeders are smaller and the slave is on the opposite side.


Spridgets have 7/8" bore and 1" bore slaves. Both will accept our remote bleeder! The hydraulic feed line is a different size on each, but the bleeder is the same, so you can order this product with confidence for any Spridget! (we also sell both types of slave)


Due to variations in line routing you may need to clock the bracket differently before installation. Check all fittings for tightness after doing so.

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