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Austin Healey Sprite Rebuilt wiper motor (Price includes $50 core charge) Mechanical - Bugeye

Rebuilt wiper motor (Price includes $50 core charge)

$ 299.95

A rebuilt and tested wiper motor for your Bugeye!  These are redone and like new.  

When disconnecting the wiper driveshaft, follow these steps:

1) Mark the position of the cap in relationship to the cover plate to ensure wipers will park in the same position

2) Remove the cover plate screws, then the cap and cover

3) Insert the blade of a small flathead screwdriver between the circlip and the pin,  twist to remove

4) Use screwdriver blade to pry underneath the length of the connecting rod and remove it from the pin, thereby allowing the wiper driveshaft to be removed from the case


**there is a $50 core charge built into the price of this item, it will be returned to you once we receive your wiper motor core**

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