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Rebuilt Smooth Case Transmission

Rebuilt Smooth Case Transmission

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Here's a rebuilt smooth case gearbox ready to install in any Sprite or Midget. The entire gearbox has been gone through and new bearings, gaskets, seals and new gears/synchros as needed have been installed. Core exchange required-we need a good rebuildable core in return so we can rebuild it for the next client. We'll refund $85 on receipt of your rebuildable smooth case. Core return is at your expense.

These are ready to install to get your Spridget back on the road!

Each unit has been painted olive green, just like they came from the factory. 

You will need the shorter smooth case shift lever for this transmission. If you still have the original Bugeye shift lever, that is the correct one. But please check the dimensions in the photo below to make sure you have the correct (shorter) lever. If you need a proper smooth case shift lever, you can find it by clicking here...

Some people have asked us about the front seal on these transmissions. All our smooth and ribbed transmissions are set- up with the original scroll seal that slings oil back into the transmission. The oil reservoir is below the height of this seal, so they generally would only leak when the car is parked pitched with the rear end upward on a big hill, such that oil can flow out of the front shaft. Should this occur, that oil will run out of the bottom of the bell housing through the weep hole. If you check your transmission oil level routinely, you would top up any lost oil. So the need for a lip seal on the front cover is lost on us, unless you live in San Francisco and routinely park your Spridget on the street with it's tail up-hill.

Installer's Note: Sprite Transmissions use 20w50 motor oil as transmission fluid.

NOTE: Regarding matching numbers... we got a recent request from a customer to rebuild his exact gearbox that came in his car so that it would "match." It is entirely possible that the gearbox he has is the one installed by the factory, but this is impossible to verify. Gearboxes and engines were not number-matched in the factory, and the gearbox number assigned to each car was not recorded. Thus it is impossible to know  which gearbox came with which car. The gearbox and engine numbering system is completely different. 

Make sure that all needed components are removed from your core. The items that come in our shift lever therapy kit are NOT included in your new rebuilt trans. 


Core return shipping is at your expense.

Cores must be completely drained of all oil before return, otherwise they make a mess in the box and can even fall out of the box during shipment. Any oil soaked or leaking transmission cores will be subject to a reduced or NO core credit.

Cores must be received within six months of receipt of your rebuilt transmission. After six months, cores will not be credited.

Core exchange is required if you want the core credit refunded-we need a good rebuildable rib case in return so we can rebuild it for the next client. We'll refund $85 on receipt of your rebuildable core. Cores need to be inspected internally before a core refund can be issued, to determine if the internal parts are damaged beyond repair.

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