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Rebuilt Smooth Case Transmission with Rib Case Trans Internals - "Smibbed"

Rebuilt Smooth Case Transmission with Rib Case Trans Internals - "Smibbed"

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Sometimes when working on older cars, necessity creates invention! As many of you know, original transmissions for Bugeyes have become harder to find, and many times new parts are not available. So, then something like this comes along: our rebuilder was able to install ribbed case guts into a smooth case transmission (hence the "smibbed" title). Whether you want an original looking smooth case with the extra protection, or want the sleeper with the tougher internals, this will work for you! We have 2 in stock, so if you need it, order today!

Whenever installing a rebuilt transmission, you should install a shift therapy kit, these parts are NOT replaced in rebuilding!

Core return shipping is at your expense.

Cores must be completely drained of all oil before return, otherwise they make a mess in the box and can even fall out of the box during shipment. Any oil soaked or leaking transmission cores will be subject to a reduced or NO core credit.

Cores must be received within six months of receipt of your rebuilt transmission. After six months, cores will not be credited.

Core exchange is required if you want the core credit refunded-we need a good rebuildable rib case in return so we can rebuild it for the next client. We'll refund the core charge of $85 on receipt of your rebuildable core (whether it is a smooth case transmission or a ribbed case transmission - effective 4/4/24). Cores need to be inspected internally before a core refund can be issued, to determine if the internal parts are damaged beyond repair.

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