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Rear Springs replacement kit complete with U-bolts and shims

Rear Springs replacement kit complete with U-bolts and shims

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Do you have sagging, rusty, broken or fanned-out rear leaf springs on your Bugeye, like this?

Here's a kit to solve that problem!

The original 15-leaf springs for the rear of a Bugeye are no longer available but we have a nice ten-leaf replacement that fits the car quite well. The only issue is that these new springs will lift the back of your Bugeye an inch or so higher than the stock leaf springs.  

Our solution is to provide lowering wedges you'll slide under the spring (upon installation of the spring into the spring box) to get the car level again. The kit also comes with longer custom u-bolts we make to accommodate the lowering wedges. 5º shims should do the trick, but opt for 6º if your car is really riding high in the rear. 

We have used this fix on many of the 200+ Bugeye's that have come through out shop. This is a kit complete with lowering wedges, extended u-bolts and new springs. Each  spring comes with a new rubber bushing installed in the rear eyelet.

Rear spring retaining plates and related bolts NOT included.

This kit comes with 1/4" self tapping screws. Use a 7/32" drill bit to drill through your bottom spring plate and partially into the shim, then install the self tapping screws to hold the shim in place (NOTE: be sure to drill far enough for the full length of the screw).

NOTE: After installing the lowering wedges the centering pin in the leaf spring will no longer fit itself in its appropriate hole. This is normal, and there are enough alternative lateral restraining devices to account for this.

NOTE: Some owners like to remove leaves from their springs as an alternative method to lower the back of their car. We do not recommend doing this, as it dramatically alters the rear ride-quality of the car.  It's fine for a race car, but very unpleasant on the street. Every car to come through our shop with fewer than ten leaves has ended up with this new spring kit and lowering wedges.

NOTE: The rear u-bolt that comes on the spring by the eyelet is facing the wrong direction for shipping ease (and to not puncture boxes) - be sure to flip it around for installation! (u-bolt in photo is how it will be shipped)

NOTE: We have occasionally run into leaf spring assemblies that have misaligned holes for the front staking bolts. If you encounter this, you may need to run a drill through the holes to get the bolt to run all the way through. The bolt is approximately 3/8" in diameter, and the holes will need to be drilled to accept that bolt, as necessary.

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