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Rear Disc Brake Kit for Bugeye quarter elliptical springs

Rear Disc Brake Kit for Bugeye quarter elliptical springs

$ 1,995.00

Rear disc brakes are a wonderful upgrade for the reliability of your Sprite.  Not only do you have the added safety of more braking power but you will no longer have to change leaking wheel cylinders.  I never want to change rear wheel cylinders or adjust the rear brakes again. Disk brakes fit the bill, with modern calipers that are bullet-proof and self-adjusting. That's why you see this kit pictured below on my own personal Sprite, "Gumby." 

These kits are available for knock off and bolt on wheels.  They are a direct bolt on kit that you can do at home but it requires intermediate skill level. The emergency brake cable still works with your linkage and one additional bracket in the kit. Tech support is also available for you or for your shop.

BEWARE-There are less expensive rear disk kits out there... we've tested them all and ours works best... it has a working hand brake and will also accommodate stock sprite radius arms.

We have done many of these conversions in our shop and would be happy to pick-up your car to perform this conversion (and to fix any other details needed to optimize your Sprite)...

We also have a kit available for later Sprites and Midgets with semi-elliptical leaf springs. Call!

 Installation instructions:

- Grind axle to fit axle bracket & mount axle bracket

- Mount rotor

- Grind nub down on bottom of caliper

- Remove caliper bracket from caliper & mount to the axle bracket

- Mount caliper to caliper bracket & verify rotor is centered in the caliper.

-  If the rotor is not centered in the caliper it must be shimmed:

  •     If the caliper needs to be moved further to the outside, add a spacer between the caliper bracket and the axle bracket with the washer-shims included in the kit.
  •     If the rotor needs to be moved further to the inside, add a spacer between the hub and the rotor.


  • Make sure the caliper bracket bolts do not touch the rotor
  • Make sure the caliper does not rest on top of the axle (grinding down the nub on the caliper allows room for this)



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