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Rear Body, rear emblem and License Plate Hole Template

Rear Body, rear emblem and License Plate Hole Template

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We have had many requests from clients wanting to properly locate their Sprite emblems and license plate mounts and this template is here to help. Use this to put everything in its place on the back end of any Bugeye.

It keys off the euro license plate mount indentation (shown in red). Once this is aligned, you can locate the license plate mount holes, the license plate light plinthe holes and the Sprite arrow badge holes. This this template is particularly valuable if you are restoring a Bugeye and trying to find the location of the back end components.

We get many cars through out shop with these components placed incorrectly, and that's a problem because repair is difficult once the back of the car is painted. Best to align everything before the paint goes on!

NOTE: Although not pictured, the newest version of this product is wider and will also help you locate your bumper overrider holes should they be missing on your car.

Don't get stuck having to come up with an alternative to properly locate your license plate after-the-fact; do it right the first time with this template.


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