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Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet 165 HR x 13 performance tires

Dunlop SP Sport Aquajet 165 HR x 13 performance tires

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This is the best looking, best gripping and coolest looking all round Sprite tire you'll find! If you want the best and money is no object, get these! That's why you see them pictured on "Gumby," best looking tread and sidewall, and worth the money if you want the ultimate!

On some cars, 165x13 tires will require a small removal of metal where the nose may chafe this larger than stock tire. Call if you need more info! They fit fine on Gumby with only a minor modification. These are 82 series profiles and thus a tad taller than 165/70s, which we also sell.

Notice this tire on our flagship car - Gumby! These are fast, beefy looking radial tires! 

You'll need 3/16 rear wheel spacers to fit 165s on your Sprite, which you can find by clicking here (the original tire size was 145).


Check out the video below for more information on the tires we install on Sprites!

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