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Racey Sprite Tire

Racey Sprite Tire

$ 1,199.95

Looking for better ride quality and a larger tire for your Sprite? Looking for something sporty and racey looking? Look no more! 

As shown in the pictures above, you can see and old 155 tire on the right and a new 165 plump white wall on the left. Just 10 more mm of width and look at how the 165 dwarfs the tire that was on the car (on the right).

Ride quality is dramatically improved with the new, larger tires installed. The extra air volume of the tire makes significant difference in driver comfort. With the 165 tires, this Bugeye glided over the bumps. We don't have too many tools available to improve ride quality so I am really sold on this one! And by the way, braking and handling is excellent with the larger footprint.

Notice this tire on our flagship car - Gumby! These are fast, beefy looking radial tires! 

You'll need 3/16 rear wheel spacers to fit 165s on your Sprite, which you can find by clicking here (the original tire size was 145).

NOTE: There may be some lead time to get these tires - they are currently on back order. 

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