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"Pure" Bugeye T-Shirt

"Pure" Bugeye T-Shirt

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I will confess that I am on a quest to design the ultimate Bugeye Sprite T- shirt. These are the foundation of my daily uniform, so I have to like them, because I wear a different one every day.

Here is our latest design, the "Pure" Bugeye shirt. This one is really soft and fits just right, in a 50/50 blend that is quite comfortable. Here, grandson/future Bugeyeguy Finn shows off the small model, and you'll find this design looks quite striking on adults too.

This new graphic is printed on a handsome forest green shirt, which is the closest color we could find to match leaf green, dark green, British racing green and everything in between. Everyone loves the color of this shirt, it's a winner. Our logo adorns one sleeve.

Order yours today! They're in-stock and ready for immediate gift-giving to your favorite Bugeyeguy or Bugeyegal!

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