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Austin Healey Sprite Protective seat covers Interior - Bugeye

Protective seat covers

$ 399.95

We are excited to offer these new seat covers for your Bugeye! They are made to tough “Sunbrella" fabric to protect your seat from sun, sand, dirt and dogs. For this car in particular, the owner breeds Labrador retrievers, so the cover will keep sharp claws from damaging the immaculate vinyl underneath.

You can also use these covers to mask worn seats and freshen up your interior if you are not interested in renewing your vinyl covers and/or rebuilding the entire assembly. In fact, seat rebuilding is an art that requires good metal pans, strong foam and the right vinyl cover stretched and fastened properly. These covers, however, easily zip over your seats for a quick and easy recover anyone can do in minutes.

The covers are available in tan with tan piping, gray with red piping, or black with white piping.

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